How to Recharge Your Soul

Contributor: Katherine Allen

It happens to everyone, including myself and it happened only this past week. A lack of energy and creativity suddenly got blocked resulting in having no desire to finish my “to get done” list. Sure, discipline and habit kick in for a while a few days, but resistance started settling in. The more I tried to stay focused, the deeper the resistance and the unhappier I got. Soon I was in a tug of war in which even things that once I considered fun lacked their appeal. Of course, this could be explained away with perhaps I was coming down with something but that wasn’t it. I was simply spiritually spent.

While this was only a small clench in my schedule, if untreated it could very easily turn into something much more like it did recently for my friend. After several years of knowing she was slowly getting more and unhappy. She started to believe she was too old for making dreams so instead she buried her hearts desires of becoming a minister, and gave it all she had to her career. She was quite good at this job and over the years I heard of her many new bonuses and positions. And it all worked beautifully for quite a while as she climbed up the ladder, receiving more and more money but then also greater responsibility.

But one, day it was simply too high of a price and she found herself frozen, shaking with the realization and questioning one day sitting at her computer with the question “why am I here? ” She later told me that her hands froze on the keys of her keyboard and her mind couldn’t even to make sense of what is showing up on her screen because the only thing she knew for sure was that her soul was calling her out. And even though she wanted to pretend she didn’t know what was going she knew down deep within her. Like the poem I heard in a recording in a talk with the poet David Whyte, a woman shared summed this up very well, it goes:: “I turned my head just for a moment and 10 years passed by.”

What was happening to the woman at the workshop, my friend and me? A growing, undeniable awareness was beginning to shine a light so bright that it suddenly became very clear that a change had to take place. Our souls called to each of us in a breakdown, a blockage and my recent lack of passion episode.

I don’t know about the woman in the workshop but I know that my friend and I did make some changes. Both of us first acknowledged what was going on and then carved some time out to listen to our souls. My friend started to speak her truth and told her boss she couldn’t continue to add more to her workload. She also had to make some personal changes that will make her happy again. She is busy redecorating her old study reviewing the books and materials that once made her so passionate. And I am already back doing the things I love because I took some time out to chill and remember who I am.

While I haven’t had to go through the intensity that my friend did, most of us have had the experience of finding ourselves no longer interested in what we are doing, blocked and un-creative. Here are a few things to consider getting your soul energy back again.

1. Stop and listen to your inner voice. Feeling less than passionate and on purpose is your first sign that you are on a slippery slope. Be kind to yourself and do not judge this place/space. You don’t know how much energy is being generated when you simply chill and wait.

2. Take all the time you need to re-charge your battery. While you still may need to go to work and fulfill some duties you can spend time simple things well like cleaning, organizing, and preparing for the energy to return. Trust that it will-because it will.

3. Consider this time as important re-juicing time. Do more of what your love to do because what feeds you feeds everything in your life. Make a list of a few things you love to do and do them.

Katherine Allen has emerged a leader in the soul-led spiritual mentoring in helping women over 40 to make transformational shifts with lasting results to design their lives from soul purpose and passion. She is uniquely qualified in both the intuitive arts and the sciences. She holds a BA in Art, Health and Sociology, a Professional Interior Design degree, certification in Feng Shui, shaman training with Lynn Andrews since 1990, certified yoga instructor and certified in the Courageous Coaching Method by Kendall Summerhawk, of She has an engaging, simple to understand approach in sharing how universal and big ideas can make an impact in our daily lives. Her no-nonsense, humorous and compassionate perspectives are a joy. Please visit Katherine’s website at and read her blog at


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